Till the time there is life on this earth, there would always be some sort of battles. Battle of power, fame, money, malnutrition, fraud, ransomware, etc. But the oldest war of this earth is between two human groups. One group is believed to be from the Mars and the other one from the Venus.

battle of human being

“Who is the best among these two” or “who is better than the best” are the questions whose answers have been wavering in the universe since a very long time. History books and ancient scriptures narrate a story that there have been no such melodramatic tussle between these two and they lived quite happily in each other’s company. With flow of time, when modernity itself became a tool of survival, the war seemed to be clear between these two groups. Until then there was no such “drawing the line” “role play” in their lives. Men and women both worked in fields and cooked the food for a “happy sense of belonging to US”.

What Feminist Says about this

Feminists complain that women have always been good in all the exterior works and understanding that power, the men group started keeping them under a veil. Now, tell me one thing, can you really suppress a morning? Even when it is cloudy, you know that there is a Sun hidden in it that is giving you daylight.

What Men Says about this

Men complain that a woman’s brain is in her knees. Were women walking upside down all these long and we all were blind to that?! God, why have you made such structural disorder? Please update the software so that men can set their eyes in right places.

You cannot support a specific group because if you do, there are millions of “good for nothing” souls sitting with placards of intolerance to shun you out of the country. What to do? Shall I subjugate my emotions or would I emote out with words? Would all of you read those emotions or just count the words?!

Anyways, brushing every concern aside, let me clarify why am I so much bothered about the never-ending battle between the men and the women? Like many of you, I also came across that pot-bellied uncle (he can house at least 3 malnourished children from Africa in that) who was mischievously shooting a young lady in a metro train proudly flaunting the latest shining bitten apple. I salute the mediocre, filthy, and timid mindset. He was such a jerk that he completely forgot the basic science of light and reflection (he must have flunked Physics classes to peep into staff rooms). The lady in black could clearly see the reflection on metro glasses and some police action followed thereafter. This video went viral but has the motive been viral enough to wake up people?

You know at some level, this is again not something about men and women only. It has a lot more to do with basic human rights and a certain social decency. You cannot breach someone’s privacy like that! Even animals are sensitive to this privacy factor. Cats and dogs also guard their babies and anyone trying to mess with them pays a price. As a human race, are we degrading mentally? Wearing a branded attire, living in a mega city, having a good position in a reputed firm, and commuting through the fastest metro rails ultimately doesn’t make one human enough.

Before even arguing on this issue of “why men are so insensitive towards women?” we all must turn into human and ask ourselves, “how do we raise our kids?” But again to whom shall I address! The new parents of this age give a mobile phone to their toddlers to keep them happy. The aged but still trying to be modern kind of public intentionally misuses technology. I really want to ask the parents of that uncle (if they are still alive) – have you taught your child that girls are puppets in the hands of men and they can do anything with them? I also want to ask that uncle – would he encourage his son to do such a shamefully victorious activity? And to the victim lady (my empathy remains for you), my question would be – why did you bring up the police in between when you could have walked up and slapped him tightly? Many would say, “That would have been unlawful or gutsy”. But was the uncle lawful or sober? If you want to bring a change in thoughts of sick minded people (read uncles), you have to take all the guts otherwise a new rapist would take birth.

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