Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, A well Known Name which doesn’t need an introduction. He has been chosen as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Google on 10th August 2015. That was the Proud moment for Indian Community. After Completed his from IIT, Kharagpur, He Joined the World No 1 Search Engine Company, Google in 2004. His Profile was to lead the Product Management. He worked on Goggle search toolbar. Google Search Toolbar is one of the most popular products of google which used to give users a path to access easily and direct the users of Firefox and Internet Explorer to the Google Search Engine. Not Only This, But He also responsible to Development of Google important apps such as Gmail and Google maps.

sundar pichai inspirational story

So If you know about Sundar Pichai and his History than you will be definitely become a Fan of him. Sundar Pichai is an Inspiration for us and our youth. His life and his personality teaches us many things about life.

Some times When life sucks and Whenever you are in trouble than it seems as if life has ended now. You get frustrated and you don’t understand anything. So what will you do in such a situation? After reading this Full Story, You will get the right answer.

Here I am going to tell you a story that I had heard at a seminar by Sundar Pichai.

So Keep Reading….

Story Said By Sundar Pichai

Once In a restaurant, a cockroach flew away and sat on a woman. Seeing the cockroach she started shouting loudly and got scared. Clear fear was visible on her face. She wanted to throw cockroach away with the help of her vibrating hands. Seeing the reaction of the woman, the rest of her group started becoming frightened. Somehow the woman removed the cockroach herself, but the cockroach flew to the other woman. Now it was the turn of the second lady to repeat this drama. To save her, a waiter who is standing near the lady, stepped forward. But In the meantime, the woman tried to get rid of cockroach and she succeeded. Now the cockroach sat down on the waiter’s shirt. But the waiter did not panic, but kept quiet and watched Cockroach’s antics on his shirt. When the cockroach’s movement became completely peaceful, the waiter grabbed him by his fingers and threw him out of the restaurant.

While enjoying the coffee, I was watching this entertaining scene, then there were some questions in my mind, was that Cockroach responsible for this incident? If yes, than why didn’t the waiter become frustrated or frightened? Infact He didn’t do any noise and took care of that situation with perfection. It was not a cockroach, but the inability to handle the situation of those people, who bothered those women.

I felt that it is not the Shout of my father, my boss or my wife that bothers me, but it is my inability that I can not handle situations created by people. I felt this is not a traffic jam, which bothers me, but the inability to handle my troublesome situation is due to which I am disturbed because of traffic jams. More than the problem, my reactions to the problem is responsible, which produces many problems in my life – unknowingly.

From this story, I got a very big lesson. This incident changed the way I think. We should not react in difficult times in our lives, but rather understand it and find solutions. The woman reacted immediately and gave fear to everyone, while the waiter understood the situation and resolved peacefully. Because we give reactions without thinking and the answers we give thoughtfully in a spontaneous way.

To understand life, You don’t need to any rocket science formula , but it can be understood from a very beautiful point of view. Peoples who are very happy in their life are not happy because everything is going well in their life. Rather, they are happy because their attitude is positive about the life and all the difficulties related to life. So don’t live your life become angry, jealous, hasty and worry and Live your life with Love and patience. As far as “Whatever happened to the good and whatever else will happen, it will be for good.”

Hope this story will surely guide you. Life is a very beautiful gift of God. Do not be afraid of any major problems in life, do not panic, but face it with the power of positive attitude. Because of facing the problem, the problem is solved so that you come face to face as a successful and strong person in front of society. Never give up on patience, courage and peace, and fear will not exist in your life.

And in the end, I would say and specially for girls that don’t be afraid of cockroaches, that’s just a small worm, not a lion.

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